Businesses from across the UK visit Northampton for specialist LEV training

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Businesses from across the UK travelled to Northampton in July to attend the first one day LEV training course at the McCarthy Environmental Centre of Excellence training centre.

The centre runs Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) proficiency and competency training courses – designed to protect workforces by ensuring a safe and dust free working environment.

The course – the first of many to come – took place at the company’s Swan Valley headquarters, combining classroom learning with practical demonstrations on the factory floor.

Mick McCarthy, Managing Director, said: “Until now anyone wanting LEV training has had to travel out of this region, so this marks a shift in the industry. We are passionate advocates for the protection of employee health through the provision of engineering controls and it is important to all of us here that staff and employers have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions that will keep people safe and healthy.”

Occupational hygienist Amy Jackson, a graduate member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and an associate member of both BOHS and ILEVE, has joined the McCarthy team to run the new training centre: “People don’t always realise the importance of LEV and often aren’t using the system correctly so are being exposed to dangerous fumes and dust,” said Amy. “This course is designed to raise awareness and help businesses meet their legal obligations and reduce unnecessary deaths in the workplace.”

Graham Riggott, who works in maintenance at Mansfield based Glenair, attended the first course and said: “I work across four factories, we have LEV equipment and one of my roles now is to maintain it. I have learnt a huge amount at this course and can now return to work, pass on my knowledge – and perhaps encourage another member of the team to attend the training so that if I am on leave there is always an expert in house.”

Colin Foreman, engineering manager at RPC Corby, a global leader in plastics, said: “Our LEV equipment was previously overseen by department heads or HS but now being moved to our domain, so I need to truly understand the equipment. This course raised as many questions as answers, but in a very positive way. The first thing I will do when I get to work tomorrow is to check the inspection regiment for our LEV. Lots to do.”

Esme Hall, technical sales at AirBench in Colchester, said: “The practical element of the training meant we could see and use the LEV equipment, which was a brilliant complement to the more classroom-based learning.”

McCarthy Environmental works with companies across the UK, helping businesses keep their workforces safe and healthy. It is an employer’s responsibility to comply with The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 2002 Regulations, to control operatives’ exposure to dusts and fumes to below specified levels.

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