Case Study: Silverstone Composites

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The Client

Silverstone Composites are experts in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre. They work across the automotive and motorsport sectors and also create a wide range of bespoke products using high-performance, durable composite components.

The Requirement

Silverstone Composites came to us with a need for a bespoke dust and fume extraction system which would meet the requirements of an environment where carbon fibre is being worked.
This material requires cutting, sanding, and machining, which are all processes that can release harmful particles and dust into the atmosphere, putting workers at risk.

The Solution

We designed, installed, and commissioned a dust and fume extraction system consisting of the following:
• Externally sited filter dust collector
• Duct system
• 6 downdraft grinding tables
• Downdraft bench ducted to an EX-rated fan set

Client Feedback

Marcus Trofimov, Managing Director at Silverstone Composites explained why they chose McCarthy Environmental Ltd and the benefits of doing so.
Marcus highlighted: ”Since I have known Mick and the team, the support and knowledge are second to none. Mick has supported us since the day we opened, and we value this as it has led to us investing in the very best equipment for our business over the years.
McCarthy Environmental carry out all our LEV testing and maintenance work so we know we can trust them to deliver at a very high standard.
Our most recent challenge was in dealing with environmental concerns within our manufacturing areas, namely the need for fume and dust extraction.”

“McCarthy Environmental share the same values as us and ensure they offer the best support and advice.”

Marcus went on to say ‘’McCarthy Environmental share the same values as us and ensure they offer the best support and advice. It’s key to our business that we invest not only in the right equipment for our business but ensure we have an excellent working environment for our staff and that’s why they are our supplier of choice.”

Why work with McCarthy Environmental?

Our experienced team design, supply, install and commission a wide range of dust extraction systems, fume extraction systems and oil mist extraction systems across the UK.

We also offer LEV testing, maintenance, spares, and accessories to support all applications and brands of extraction equipment.

Customers receive a comprehensive and accurate service that adheres to best practice requirements, as stated in HSE publication HSG258.

If you’d like to find out how McCarthy Environmental can help ensure the air in your workplace is safe to breathe, give our team a call on 01604 635333 or email us on and someone from our team will be pleased to assist you.

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