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Extraction and Safe Ventilation of Welding Fumes

Are you removing fumes safely away during welding?

The fumes produced when welding takes place in the environment are sustantially hazardous to a person’s health, as the Health and Safety Executive have previously remarked;

“Studies have shown there is a link between welding and respiratory ill health.”

“Breathing in welding fumes can lead to some serious diseases, fume extraction is often needed to suck fumes away from the welder and others nearby.”

“By far the main cause of COPD is smoking but research suggests occupational exposures are likely to play a role.”

“If you work in the welding industry and are also a smoker, any risk of getting COPD is likely to be increased even more.”

” Welding fume can also cause fume fever and pneumonia.”

“The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations require employers to control exposures to hazardous substances to protect employees’ health.”

“Employers must assess the risk of exposure (exposure means taking in chemicals by breathing in, by skin contact or by breathing.”

As such, Mccarthy Environmental take into account the dangers of working in certain idustries like car production or construction, and can, in answer provide correctly installed and working welding fume extraction systems.

Fume Ventilation Systems to Remove Vehicle Exhaust Fumes

Vehichle exhaust fumes pose a serious workplace health risk. Mccarthy Environmental enable your business to safeguard employee wellbeing and ensure regulatory compliance. Our exhaust gas removal systems can be fitted into any workshop or repair garage.

The Health Risks from Exhaust Fumes

Vehicle exhaust fumes can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, and long term exposure may increase the risk of lung cancer.

Petrol and gas (LPG) fuelled engine fumes contain up to 10% carbon monoxide, a highly dangerous poisonous gas, while exposure to diesel fumes (especially blue or black smoke) can lead to coughing, chestiness and breathlessness.

Improve your workplace

Mccarthy Environmental’s exhaust extraction systems remove vehicle exhaust fumes in an effective way and can reduce the risks in workplaces like:

  • Garages and car dealerships
  • MOT bays & car servicing workshops
  • Railway related facilities
  • Airports
  • Fire stations
  • Military installations & repair shops

Gain HSE Compliance

As industrial ventilation experts in this field, Mccarthy Environmental advises on, designs and installs vehicle exhaust fume removal and ventilation systems. Our servive gives your organisation the peace of mind that it is HSE compliant, and reassures employees that their health is being looked after.

We have successfully installed vehicle fume extraction systems in a wide variety of workplace environments, including at schools, colleges.

Mccarthy Environmental solutions meet all relevant HSE regulations

Potential Solutions for Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation and Extraction Systems

Some of the potential solutions available to your company include:

  • Simple flexible hose arrangement
  • Exhaust Hose reels
  • Rail systems – ideal for emergency services
  • Bespoke solutions

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