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Under COSHH regulations 2002 (as amended), employers have an obligatory duty of care to protect employees and prevent or control any contaminant which is classed as a substance hazardous to health resulting from a process within the workplace.


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Extraction Systems

The COSHH regulations 2002 regulations highlight the obligations an employer has to its employees and the process which should be followed to prevent or reduce the risk of exposure. There are several extraction systems options available to protect workers from exposure to harmful substances and the equipment available is now more capable than ever before.

When considering extraction systems, the priority is to establish if any processes and/or materials which produce a harmful substance can be changed to eliminate or reduce the initial risk of exposure. Following this, we look at implementing appropriate engineering controls and extraction systems which manage a worker’s exposure at source. One highly effective solution is to implement a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system to control the airborne contaminant and remove it from the workplace. This helps protect both the workers at source and all other workers within the general working environment from exposure.


Engineering controls need to be fit for purpose

Please consider:

  • Can any process or handling system be totally enclosed to prevent contamination?
  • Can the plant or process be changed to keep production of hazardous fumes, dust or vapours to a minimum or contained within plant to limit possible contamination area?
  • Are there any changes to working methods which may minimise the release of a hazardous substance to reduce exposure and limit the number of workers that could potentially be exposed?
  • Implementing a Local Exhaust Ventilation and filtration system that will control any substances released from a process.

McCarthy Environmental is an independent extraction system specialist. Our portfolio incorporates a full range of extraction solutions to control fumes, dust, oil mist and odours from process operations, alongside a bespoke manufacturing capability to provide complete solutions from consultation and design, through to installation, commissioning, operator training and ongoing systems testing and maintenance.

We provide a comprehensive national COSHH/LEV examination and testing service to HSG258 guidelines, to ensure correct function, efficient operation and continued compliance for all your extraction units and LEV systems.

We are proud of our reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective systems that exceed health and safety legislation in a wide range of demanding environments. Our vision is to maintain the highest standards and deliver innovative solutions that combine high performance with low cost of ownership and operation.

Speak to us to find out more about the extraction system requirements for your unique environment and the range of extraction unit solutions available to protect your workers from harmful substances. Get in touch to arrange for us to review your current systems and discuss suitable preventative solutions with you. 

You can call us on 01604 635333 or email enquiries@mccarthy-environmental.co.uk