Filtower – Stand Alone Filtration System

ESTA’s newly designed FILTOWER Series is ideal for filtration of welding fumes, fine dusts or oil mists where at source extraction is either not possible or efficient.

The Filtower can be used anywhere that direct extraction is not possible (large work pieces that involve constant changes in work location). The Filtower can be easily maneuvered and repositioned quickly and easily using a forklift or crane.

The systems are a plug and play product, their ready-to-go design, requiring no installation or ductwork makes them easy and time efficient to operate. They are offered in a choice of 3 applications and sizes, plus the Eco range.

Legislation states that hazardous substances must be extracted directly at the point of source where possible. However, localised extraction is not always adequate or possible. If a welder fails to position the suction device correctly, smoke particles can still enter the working air. Employees who are not wearing personal protective equipment then breathe in these hazardous substances without any filtration.

The Filtower Series has almost 100 percent filtration efficiency, which can significantly improve air quality. This is the ideal solution for those working in manufacturing, to aid and benefit employee ventilation, in line with health and safety recommendations. Heating costs can be reduced by up to 70% by using a layer ventilation system, recommended by the Employers’ Liability Association.

Your Benefits

  • Better air quality in the workplace
  • Meet statutory regulations in compliance with occupational health and safety
  • Powerful and low-noise performance
  • Can be easily placed in the work area (no installation required)
  • Flexible maneuverability and easy to move with forklift or crane
  • Low operating costs due to cleanable and permanent filter cartridges
  • Up to 70 % reduced heating costs by recirculation mode
  • 18 Months warranty

Special Features

  • 3 Performance levels – 13,000 m3/h, 18,200 m3/h and 22,000 m3/h
  • Regulated extraction performance by frequency converter (optional)
  • Quick-Change filter system* – fast & free of dust
  • Long life cartridge filters with nano fibers (99.9% separation efficiency)
  • Innovative pre-separation system*
  • Low-draft air return
  • Dust-free disposal of the extracted material

Ideal for

  • Effective in use of welding fumes, dusts and oilmist
  • Effective ventilation in large areas
  • Fine floating particulate matter
  • Plastic dust
  • Chemical dust
  • Aerosols

Special Versions

  • With frequency converter for regulating extraction performance
  • Devices with IFA test certificate W3, for the extraction of high-alloy steel welding fumes are available as an option
  • With activated carbon inlets for the filtration of gases and odours
  • Special coating in RAL color

Depending on the size of the hall and number of workstations, several FILTOWER systems may have to be installed, in order to achieve an effective overall improvement to the air quality.

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