Finance Options

McCarthy Environmental Ltd are pleased to partner with Focus Leasing to offer a comprehensive range of finance options . . .

McCarthy Environmental Ltd have teamed up with Focus Leasing, who have over 20 years experience in the finance industry and have helped all customers from start up businesses to blue chip companies, to offer our customers with a range of finance options to assist with dust and fume extraction purchases.

You may be a start up business buying the initial equipment you need to start up, a one man band looking to improve on the dust extraction you already have or a large company upgrading your extraction solutions, either way, leasing your equipment is now more affordable than a cash purchase because no deposit or up-front payment is required. Also, if you lease your equipment existing credit lines such as arrangements with the bank remain intact, leaving your cash free for uses that are more appropriate.

We can offer lease rental and hire purchase with terms from 12 months to 5 years.

Key benefits

  • Improve Cashflow – Your equipment can be delivered and operational without the need for capital expenditure. Have what you need today with no cash outlay.
  • Simplify Budgeting – Payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement enabling accurate and simple budgeting and forecasting.
  • Retain Credit Lines – Keep existing banking arrangements, credit lines and cash free for uses that are more appropriate.
  • Let the Equipment Pay for Itself – Enable the finance payments to coincide with the benefits of having the new equipment as they start to appear
  • Tax Efficient – benefit from tax relief on every payment rather than limiting your tax relief to capital allowances.

Simple Approval in Two Ways

First of all leasing may be classed as a revenue item for budget purposes which may make it easier for you to obtain authorisation for the expenditure. Secondly, our approval process only takes one phone call and an approval is usually provided the same day.

To find out more or receive a quotation tailored to your specific requirements contact us now on 01604 635333 or focus leasing on 01794 525930 quoting SN10944 or you can simply apply direct for finance by clicking on this link here