Introducing the CODEL Energy Tech 301 Dust Monitor

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We are pleased to introduce CODEL International Ltd’s EnergyTech 301 – A cost effective and precise dust monitor that, through the implementation of tribo-electric sensor technology, can efficiently and accurately measure mass concentrations of particulate from sizes 0.1 micron to 100 micron whilst also capable to detecting dust concentrations less than 1mg/m3.

The device is highly versatile and provides an effective solution for a wide array of needs; it is not limited by size of duct and can be used comfortably on sizes ranging from 250mm to 5m and is suitable for a majority of dust collectors.

The EnergyTech 301 dust monitor is simple to both install and commission thanks to a compact design that requires no critical alignment. In regards to maintenance the dust monitoring device was designed with ease of use and simple upkeep in mind, subsequently requiring little cleaning due to a lack of optical surfaces.

Other benefits of Codel’s dust monitor include the ability to identify faulty pulse valves, and any and all results gathered and collected are delivered rapidly, lessening possible delay time, An inbuilt display allows a user to easily view live sensor data and configure and calibrate when necessary . The inclusion of an integrated calibration function also grants a user the ability to correct measurements levels to mg/m3.

Any pre-existing filter bags are essentially gifted a longer functional working life when used in conjunction with the EnergyTech 301. The dust monitor also features both analogue and RS485 outputs to ensure that all values measured are at a constant rate and effectively recorded. For widespread emissions the EnergyTech 301 dust monitor includes multi-functional remote connectivity.

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