McCarthy Environmental bring in the Filtower Eco+

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McCarthy Environmental Ltd has today accepted delivery of the newest Filtower to be released by ESTA, world-leading manufacturers of dust and fume extraction equipment. Thanks to our newest team members Mark Griffiths and Andrew Shearer, the drive to attain the Filtower F-200 Eco+, (shown by Mark in the photo above), has been achieved and will be a fine addition to our in-house demonstration area.

The Filtower F200 Eco+ is a standalone complementary filtration unit, primarily designed to be a plug and play type system. It is best suited where there is a Dust/Fume/Mist laden atmosphere within an internal environment and where standard extraction applications are impractical. This might be due to the size of products being manufactured or type of production that limits effective extract. It may also be applicable if there are already extraction systems present and a secondary type of extraction method may still be required due to workplace exposure levels being above permitted tolerances.

The beauty of the Filtower is that it can be applied to the three applications found in industry – Dust, Fume and Oil Mist. Available in three different sizes – Filtower 100 – capable of 10,000m3/hr, Filtower 160 – capable of 15,000m3/hr and the Filtower 200 – capable of 20,000m3/hr.

McCarthy Environmental take delivery of the new Esta Filtower

The Filtower (pictured above) is the latest ”F” model. This unit is suitable for fume, however, there is also a range of Filtower’s available for both Dusts and Mists. The “F” model of Filtower is suitable for not only soldering and welding fumes, but all other types of fume. It can be ordered with W3 certification for filtering high chromium/nickel content fumes, such as those produced by welding stainless steel and aluminium.

The newest feature equipped to this model is the addition of Eco+, meaning it has its own internal inverter drive function which will allow the Filtower ramp its performance as required. This allows a power saving as it will only run at full capacity if high fume levels within the workplace require it to do so. All Filtower’s are manufactured as standard with 400V, 3 phase supply motors which are of a centrifugal type.

Some optional features on the Filtower include:

  • Activated carbon filters for filtration of gases and odorous substances.
  • Special voltage rating.
  • Special paint coating
  • Ecolight version with adjustable timer control.
  • Ecotemp version with evaporative cooling or heating to allow temperature control within the workplace.
  • 4.0 Design with protocol and network functions capable of integration with customer LAN network.
  • W3 test certificate as previously stated.

This new addition to the range will be showcased in the demonstration area, based within our Northampton offices for any potential or pre-existing customers to view. The addition of this unique product to our portfolio, demonstrates McCarthy Environmental’s increasing expansion and progression within our industry. With our already large stock of equipment and growing numbers, you can expect to see far more in the near future from us.

We will also be demonstrating our other products at the Advanced Engineering 2017 Exhibition held at NEC in Birmingham, as well as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Supply Chain Exhibition in Manchester, both in November. Don’t miss the chance to drop by the stand to see some of the latest extraction units available and to chat about your own requirements.

If you would like any further information on the Filtower range or any other products and solutions offered by us, please contact the team now on 01604 635333 or email us at