McCarthy Environmental Goes Nuclear!

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McCarthy Environmental Goes Nuclear!

McCarthy Environmental have moved into a new and niche market – protecting staff at businesses within the UK’s nuclear industry.

The Northamptonshire based company, committed to supporting the wellbeing of workforces within UK manufacturing and engineering, are now valued members of the Nuclear Industry Association and signatories to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Supply Chain Charter.

The company specialise in providing extraction, filtration and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems to control harmful substances and fumes arising from industrial, engineering and manufacturing operations.

Presenting at the recent NIA Decommissioning & Existing Generation Working Group, Andy Shearer, Business Development Manager at McCarthy Environmental, said:

“In modern day manufacturing and engineering, we have to give attention to any impact that our operations and processes may have on the environment and be seen to be taking preventative measures to counter these. The same is required when it comes to any impact our operations may have on the internal environment and worker health & safety. And there’s a good reason why…

“Fume and dust laden air arising from metalworking and machining operations can cause a variety of irritations and conditions and can also lead to respiratory disorders and diseases.

“For example, we use a lot of stainless steel in the nuclear sector. Fumes and dust arising from welding and cutting stainless steel and other chromium based metals are highly toxic. Also, workers exposed to coolants and lubricants used during machining processes are at risk of developing skin disorders or respiratory problems.

“Under HSE and COSHH guidelines, fumes, oil mist and dust arising from metalworking and machining operations are classed as substances hazardous to health and we have to be seen to be taking measures to reduce or prevent a workers’ exposure to these.

“Our aim is to deliver innovative, quality product solutions and systems that satisfy these requirements, alongside meeting additional challenges that include an ever increasing demand for lower operating costs and increased efficiencies; ie to allow companies to protect their workers and the environment with effective systems, whilst also reducing energy consumption and downtime.

“We are proud of the reputation we have established having provided a wide range of reliable and cost effective solutions that meet or exceed health and safety legislation in demanding environments. The Nuclear sector is a vital component within the UK’s energy mix, with health and safety and quality standards at its very heart. We look forward to supporting the challenges faced by manufacturers within the sector.”

The role of the company is to support and work with businesses within the nuclear supply chain, to ensure compliance and safety in the workplace, providing independent expertise, products and systems to manage oil mist, fumes and dust that arise during manufacturing and engineering operations.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss current or future requirements, please contact Andy Shearer on 07841 018656 or email