New Training Centre to Open it’s doors in Northampton

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A new training centre is opening in Northampton this March, becoming the only one of its kind in the region to provide LEV proficiency and competency training courses.

The McCarthy Environmental Centre of Excellence, based in the company’s Swan Valley headquarters, is offering a range of LEV and Occupational Hygiene related courses, combining classroom learning with practical demonstrations on the factory floor.

The opening of this new Centre is timely, with the British Chambers of Commerce joining forces with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to launch an awareness campaign about how local exhaust ventilation (LEV) can prevent ill health and deaths in the workplace.

Mick McCarthy, Managing Director, said: “Until now anyone wanting LEV training has had to travel out of this region, so this is an exciting step for the local business community and will tie in perfectly with the Chamber’s campaign which is committed to reducing deaths in the workplace.

“Too often we go into businesses where the LEV system is switched off or the hoods are switched off because staff think it is too noisy. People don’t realise the importance of LEV and often aren’t using the system correctly so are being exposed to dangerous fumes and dust.

“Our courses will equip businesses and staff with the practical understanding of how systems work, in many cases reducing the need for companies to have to get external experts in. They will also help businesses comply with government regulations about exposure to dust and fumes in the workplace.

Occupational hygienist Amy Jackson has joined the McCarthy team to run its new Centre of Excellence.

Amy, who has over 20 years’ experience as an occupational hygienist, is a graduate member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and an associate member of both BOHS and ILEVE, has been involved with occupational hygiene monitoring and statutory LEV courses for many years.

The McCarthy Centre of Excellence will run its first LEV training course in March. All courses will feature a short multiple choice examination, course notes and hands-on demonstration with LEV equipment.

LEV awareness courses

Full day course: Delegates, who will range from facilities managers to small business owners and health and safety executives, will understand their LEV responsibilities, find out how to look for when purchasing and learn all aspects of LEV – from concept through to design, purchasing, commissioning installation and the ongoing responsibilities with regards the maintenance. Lunch is included.

Cost: £175 + VAT

Half day course: Delegates will get basic information about LEV systems. It is ideal for area supervisors and operatives to come in and learn about why they have an LEV system, what it is supposed to do and what their responsibilities are.

Cost: £75 + VAT

On-site training: McCarthy will visit businesses and run this course for up to 10 attendees.

Cost: £999 + VAT

The first LEV full day awareness course is scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd 2018. Click here for more details.