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Northamptonshire firms fined for asbestos failings

Two firms based in Northamptonshire have been fined on the basis of having failed to comply with regulations set by both Asbestos Regulations and the Health and Safety Executive. The firms being Lifting Systems ltd, and Durasteel Services ltd, were said to have breached at least three regulations on the Abestos registester, with other issues coming to light following an inspection by the HSE to the initial premises.

It was on the 22nd of October, 2013, that the supplied inspectors took up certain issues in the premises where Durasteel Services ltd had undertaken refurbishment work by Limited Systems ltd, at its crown works, located in Far Cotton. Throughout the HSEs’ inspection, it was witnessed that debris had been placed in waste bins occupying the establishment. Additionally, inspectors also found asbestos insulation board removed from its intial placement, and stored elsewhere. Another inquiry by the HSE discovered that Lifting Systems ltd didn’t have, in its keep, the current asbestos register, and neither did it carry a demolition and refurbishment survey. Both of which resulted in Lifting Systems ltd being fined an additional sum of money.

Durasteel Services ltd also failed to assess or identify the possibility for the asbestos to be disrupted or disturbed. Nor did it put in place the required control mesaures that were vital for the refurbishing process that it had intially undertaken.

Consequently, following a hearing in court, both companies were fined a shared amount of £24,000, as well as both being fined an additional £523 as a result of breaching Asbestos Regulations 2012 a total of three times. It is also noted that neither company held, in its keep, a licence enabling them to actually remove the asbestos in the first place.

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