The new OILMAC Filter Unit effectively extracts oil and emulsion mists that arise when using cooling lubricants from lathing, milling, boring or metal grinding applications etc.

The oil mist separators come in three sizes with air volumes from 840 to 3,000 m³/h. The heart of the new OILMAC series is a three stage filter system that ensures maximum filtration with separation efficiency of above 99.95 per cent. The filtered air can be returned back into the work area to save heat and energy. Additionally, the collected cooling lubricants can be fed back into the circuit of the processing machine through draws integrated into the filter housing. The combination of several filter units connected to a separately installed fan means that the OILMAC series is also available as a central extraction unit for several filtration points.

The patented housing design, with a pivoting inlet and fan module, allows a tool-free access to the interior of the device. This allows filter changes and quick and easy maintenance.

Key Benefits include:

  • 99.95% high filtration efficiency
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Easy disposal/recycling of separated coolant and lubricants

Special Features:

  • Filter replacement and maintenance without tools
  • Multi-stage filter system
  • Also available without a fan

Application Range:

  • Extraction of oil and emulsion mist, lubricant mist and smoke
  • Installation on the processing machine

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