Mobile FumeKART with 100mm Arm - 230v - BOFA

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    Multi-Purpose Mobile Fume Extractor.

    The BOFA FumeKART is the ideal portable air extraction and filtration unit and can be applied to a variety of applications.

    Designed to filter dust particles, mold spores, solvent vapours and other pollutants from the work environment, the FumeKART is easy to operate and maintain and provides the additional benefit of being fully portable.

    The new FumeKART mobile fume extractor provides users with flexibility and the assurance of high performance filtration. A filter condition indicator is included as a standard feature, together with three stage filtration: pre filter, HEPA and gas filter.

    Ideal for laser applications, Hand Soldering, Jewellery Manufacturing, Laser Hair Removal & lots more…

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