Extraction Fans

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  • Geovent offer a wide array of accessories for each series of extraction fan to further suit the needs of the customer. Whether to protect the fan against outside elements, or to achieve a different type of placement, Geovent make sure to meet a range of different requirements for different work environments.

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  • Geovent’s LEF/MEF extraction fans possess the optimum design for work that requires PID/constant pressure control, unlike their LSFG and MSFG counterparts.

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  • Geovent offer a wide array of fans that suit various needs and specifications, delivering the most efficient and highest level of performance to ensure that ventilation is achieved. Manufactured out of galvanised steel, Geovent fans are highly durable, and are also available in enameled, plastic or stainless steel depending on intended purpose. Sizes range from ø 146 and ø 630 mm and can reach an air volume up to 4.900 m³/h. ATEX versions are also available (LSX/MSX).

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  • Equipped with a backward curved closed B-impeller and direct driven motor, Geovent’s MHF centrifugal fan is another extraction fan that Geovent offer in order to meet a wide array of different needs and requirements an individual may have. The MHF fans in particular are ideal for work environments where PID/constant pressure regulation is required. The strong pressure  rates that the MHF Fans can produce whilst in operation is also suitable for reduced airflow.  Geovent’s MHF fan is used for industrial process ventilation.

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  • Extraction Fan specifically designed for mounting on hose reels GTE and GTS and on Geovent ‘Wing’ and ‘Compact’ arms.

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  • Geovent offer the RPV | LPV | MPV series of extraction fan; manufactured from plastic.

    For work environments that are corrosive in nature such as battery rooms, chemical cupboards, and laboratories, Geovent offer the RPV | LPV | MPV series of extraction fan; manufactured from plastic. The fan house and wheel are both constructed from PP (polypropylene), resulting a the maximum level of protection against corrosion and acid, and possessing air flows from 50-6.750 m³/h and a static pressure of 10-1.700 Pa.

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  • ESTA’s RG series of extractor fans, from the RG-100 through to the RG-800, are medium pressure fans designed to suit a wide range of air extraction and circulation operations; all the while maintaining airflow and negative pressure in the medium pressure range. ESTA’s RG series of fans are ideal for extraction of dusts, odors, fumes and gases.

    Special features include: 

    • Adjustable exhaust air outlet
    • Motor mounted on the left hand side
    • Stainless steel (V2A) available
    • Explosion proof
    • Both the RG-100 and RG-200 can possess an AC current
    • Can be ordered in custom colour


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    Model : RG-100 - RG-200 - RG-300 - RG-400 - RG-500 - RG-600 - RG-700 - RG-800
  • Easy to handle and cost effective, the Styrosog series are the ideal solution when styrofoam packing chips are in need of extraction from areas such as warehouses and packaging areas. Two versions of Styrosog are available to purchase; the Styrosog 100 (max. airflow 1.000) and the Styrosog 2000 (max. airflow 2.000).  It can be paired with an ESTA chip separator to maximize both performance whilst in operation, and ease of use.

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    Model : Styrosog 1000 - Styrosog 2000 - Styrosog 1000 with integrated chip separator
    Option : None - 400v, three phase
    Bags : Yes - No