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  • FEX 1000 and FEX 2000 – Mobile Fume Extractor – Evotec

    Evotec’s mobile fume extractor’s; the FEX 1000 and FEX 2000, both possess the optimum design for the efficient suction and extraction of smoke, aerosols, vapours and airborne particles. Utilising a graduated kombi filter system, a reliable amount of filtration is guaranteed in the workplace. The FEX 1000 and FEX 2000 are also well suited for the extraction of fumes generated by cutting, welding, as well as laser and soldering fumes including steams and solvents.

    Two versions of each model are available with:

    • Ex-protection (electric, conductive) (Ex)
    • W3-design (Welding fumes)


    Price on request
    Model : FEX 1000 - FEX 2000
    Type : EX-Protection - W3-Design