Absolent A•erity Range

Flexible design enables customised solutions that are adapted as required. Depending on airflow and particle load, the unit can be adapted and converted – 500 m3/h up to 40,000 m3/h in airflow with a particle load of 70mg/m3 down to 10mg/m3. Aerity consists of a main unit made of modules that are selected according to particle load and flow. If there are other needs in the future, one or more sub-units can be added or removed. All units are fitted with an IE5 class EC motor for optimised energy consumption and safer operation.

Future-proof your needs by choice
Essential, Professional or Advanced

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Essential, Professional and Advanced offer three different user interfaces that provide information and visual indication with or without an IoT cloud solution. Advanced is our most distinguished unit, with the greatest capacity to manage, control and provide information. Professional comes with a slim hand-held unit, with some capacity to manage, control and provide information. Essential comes without the controller, but there is an option to upgrade if required. Whether you want to reuse your process oil or send it for recycling – the choice is yours. With legs that can be height-adjusted, the oil vessel or pump solution can fit under the unit. The inlet can be connected from any side for flexible connection. Both inlet and outlet can be connected with Jacob or Spiral ducting.

Design the unit to meet your needs – choose whether the unit should be painted, galvanised or manufactured from stainless steel. The choice of hatches provides the option of a lower noise level as well as various LED alarm indications. An integrated rail is available to protect cables and air hoses. The unit can also be fitted with up to two pre-filtrations devices that are easy to clean. All units come with lifting lugs for safe handling.


Absolent A•erity 20 70 Essential Oil Mist Filter

A•erity Essential Oil Mist Filter

Absolent A•erity 20 20 Professional Oil Mist Filter

A•erity Professional Oil Mist Filter

Absolent A•erity 20 20 Advanced Oil Mist Filter

A•erity Advanced Oil Mist Filter

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