AirBench RP – Self-Cleaning System Downdraught Bench

The Airbench RP series of downdraught benches are highly recommended for applications that involve high volumes of non-explosive dusts, especially stone dusts. When in operation, the RP series cleans its filters by means of compressed air on demand and can be offered in different sizes and layout configurations to suit individual needs.



Fully welded and powder coated and manufactured from heavy duty steel , the Airbench RP series of airbenches can be ordered with both manual or automatic filter cleaning. The inclusion of a pulse cleaned filter system means that high quantities of dust can be efficiently and effectively extracted from the workplace as dust cake from each filter is removed in turn, then emptied into trays that can then be disposed of.

Every RP Airbench is equipped with a pressure loss gauge to ensure the filter condition can be accurately monitored.

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