Airbench VertEX Cross-Draught Extraction Systems

The Airbench VertEx cross-draught extraction series are modular walls, starting from a single 1200×600  which can be expanded upon to create walk in dust and fume extraction booths of any size. They can be used as sanding booths, grinding booths, and fume booths and can function as the base for a complete extraction booth and combined with VP Units or VertEx VA Units the modular booth can be transformed into a dust extraction booth complete with high efficient EC Fans and pressure guage.


The Airbench VertEx series are a range of cross-draught extraction systems which comprise of modular walls well suited for the extraction of dusts and fumes. The contaminant is effectively removed from the atmosphere and, once successfully filtered, the clean air is returned into the environment. To suit individual needs, Airbench offer a range of different filters for various applications which the contaminant will then be passed through.

Airbench offer the following models of modular systems:

  • VertEx VA - Suitable for large dust applications
  • VertEx VP - Suitable for high volumes of dust and is equipped with a pulse cleaning system.
  • VertEx VX - Suitable for the removal of dust over a wide area.
  • VertEx Booth VA - Fully enclosed booth system.

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