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The ASA-3 arm is equipped with a flexible hose, and consists of 5 friction joins that, in addition to a gas spring, contribute to the ASA arms easy maneuverability.

The ASA-3 extraction arm is used for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust etc. The extraction arm consists of 5 friction joints, which make it very easy to move it into the desired position. The wall bracket for the ASA-3 arm is 180° turn able. The extraction funnel is manufactured in powder enamelled aluminium and is available in Ø 80 – Ø 100 – Ø 125 – and Ø 160 mm dimensions.

ASA-3 arm = Hose

The Geovent ASA-3 arm is available in lengths of 2.0 and 3.0 m, but by means of an extension arm the reach can be extended to a total of 7.0 metres. There’s no use crying about it. There’s an old man sitting on the throne there saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean.

ASA- 4

The ASA-4 extraction arm arrives with the inclusion of fitted aluminium pipes, and is equipped with three stables and two turning points.

The arm has 3 stables and 2 turning points and is move able in all possible positions up to 180°. The hood is as standard covered in powder enamel yellow RAL 1007 in Ø 160 mm and Ø 200 mm. It is equipped with an integrated ergonomic handle.

Each arm is available in lengths of 2.0 m, 3.0 m, and 4.0 m and with the addition of an extension arm the arm’s total length can be furthered to a length range of up to 8 m. (Although it is recommended that 4 metre ASA arms not be mounted on an extension arm).

All ASA Arms are available in ATEX, which then is referred to as an ASX arm.


Geovent offer a vast range of flexible arms that can be tailored to suit an assortment of needs and requirements. Each type of arm is specifically designed to work to the best standard of its industry, available in an array of lengths dependent on the user’s personal needs and work space requirements.

The ASA-3 and ASA-4 extraction arms are available to users of whom intend to perform duties involving welding fumes, grinding dust, and other vapours. Positioning of the arm is also an extremely efficient and easy process thanks to the inbuilt addition of a gas spring.

Different hoods are available  :