BOFA DustPRO & DustPRO iQ Series

The BOFA DustPRO and DustPRO iQ series are equally designed for the efficient removal of particulate in the workplace. The DustPRO series are ideal for smaller amounts of particulate and swarf whereas the DustPRO iQ models are recommended for heavy duty applications where a much larger quantity of contaminant requires removal.

The BOFA DustPRO 50, being small and compact in size, is ideal for lightweight applications, such as routing and grinding, of smaller contaminates including swarf. The DustPRO 75, 100, 250 and 400 models are also designed for the removal of smaller particulates including swarf. The blower of which the units are fitted are brushless and therefore can operate  continuously meaning servicing is reduced.

The BOFA 250, fitted with a high capacity 6.4 bag filter and HEPA filter, has a higher airflow than the previous models and is therefore recommended for applications that require stronger extraction. The DustPRO 400 model however is the most powerful in the BOFA DustPRO range of smaller compact units.

The Universal model is an industrial, standalone unit also suited for the removal of smaller particulate matter and swarf but is of a larger size, and fitted with an  18 litre capacity filter bag and a HEPA filter.

For larger applications the iQ models are highly recommended;  fitted with an 100 litre filter bag and a large HEPA filter to provide extra protection, means the iQ models are highly ideal for more heavy duty applications that deal with a higher level of particulate. An additional exhaust box is also available to purchase to further increase the iQ series' efficiency in removing contaminant from the workspace.

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