Dustcontrol Aircube 1200

Robust, compact, and flexible, Dustcontrol’s Aircube 1200 is highly suited for cleaning air within work environments. Not quite as small as the Aircube 500, but not as big as the Aircube 2000, the 1200 Aircube is of compact design. Manufactured out of stainless sheet steel metal the Aircube 1200 is highly resistant to damage, and can clean air up to 1100 m3/h. Two versions are available: 110v and 240v.

Highly robust and extremely efficient in terms of function and performance, Dustcontrol’s AirCube 1200 is able to extract over large areas at a rate to up to 1060 m3/h /647 cfm. Equipped with a HEPA H13 filter the smallest of particles can be captured and filtered accordingly.

Within the units encapsulated fan housing is a radial blower type fan that, thorough the build-up of high pressure across its flow range, ensures effective air cleaning is successfully carries out until the filter itself needs replacing. The DC AirCube 1200 is equipped with a light to indicate when it is indeed time to replace the filter.

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