Dustcontrol Aircube 500

The DC Aircube 500 is intended for operation in work areas that require air cleaning and support of spot extraction. Simple and easy to operate, the DC 500 is highly durable; possessing a stainless steel design to ensure resistance to potential wear and damage. In its lifetime, The DC Aircube 500 filter is able to create large amount of airflow due to scroll design of the fan unit.


The fan unit, functioning as a radial blower, possesses a specifically tailored 'scroll' which allows for high pressure to be built up across its flow range meaning a high amount of airflow is generated. The DC Aircube 500 includes two fan speed settings, one of which allows for a more economical option and is available in 110v and 240v.

When in operation air is efficiently passed through a pre filter and a micro filter ( HEPA 13 which can separate particles to an efficiency rate of 99.95% ). The pre-filter effectively separates the majority of coarse particles allowing the micro filter to last for a longer duration of time.

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