Dustcontrol DC Tromb 400H c

The DC Tromb 400H c is a highly robust and efficient single phase dust extractor, capable of up to 420 m3/h without interruption. It is highly suited for many types of fine dusts and other contaminants that may be produced during applications like driving, drilling, sanding and other factory processes.

The DC Tromb 400H C features an inbuilt patented self cleaning filter and a secondary filter class of H13. Designed with easy use in mind, the DC Tromb 400 series are highly compact and can be easily maneuvered and stored away as necessary. A signal lamp will show when the filter requires cleaning.

The DC Tromb 400H c arrives with the following accessories:

  • 5 m hose (Ø 50)
  • Chrome steel wand
  • Aluminium floor tool
  • puncture proof wheels

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