Dustcontrol Tromb Turbo a/c/L Direct/VFD

The DC Tromb Turbo with direct start is highly suited for direct extraction from power tools such as saws and grinders that are medium in size. The unit can also be  connected to longer sizes of hose (up to 65’/20 m) and thanks to a powerful three-phase motor, large filters, and tall cyclone, it can effectively extract high volumes of contaminant. The unit is also particularly recommended for workplaces that require an extractor that can operate continuously with no interruption.


Upon arrival, the DC Tromb Turbo includes:

  • Suction hose set
  • Floor nozzle
  • Suction pipe
  • Connecting sleeve
  • Coupling socket
  • Fine filter, polyester
  • HEPA H13-filter

The Dustcontrol Tromb Turbo is also available to purchase with a frequency inverter (VFD) which increases the HEPA filter area by approximately 50% and 5% more fine filter area  than the standard model.

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