Geovent Dust box CFU-1000

Geovent’s Dustbox CFU-1000, comprising of a galvanised steel design, is well suited for the extraction of dusts produced during processes like that of grinding. It is equipped with a 10m2 polyester filter cartridge which provides a filtration efficiency of 99.9%.

Depending on user requirements, the Dust Box can use used with a fan or in work places that operate a central extraction system. The filter life has a long durability due to the 10m² size of filter area; which ensured that the demand placed in the filter cartridge is decreased and a lower drop in pressure is achieved.

The Dust Box is very easy to maintain and operate. Should the filters require access the front of the box can be removed without hassle. The front can be easily removed for access to the filter cartridge when inspection, cleaning, or change is required.

We are proud to supply Geovent equipment which is designed and manufactured in Denmark. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use.   Geovent offer a warranty of one year.   

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