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Dust box CFU-1000

Geovent’s CFU-1000 is designed to efficiently extract dust that is produced from activities such as grinding and welding (e.g. Smoke), it is well suited to perform high demanding but small scale filtration needs that none the less require a strong level of efficiency.

The filter itself is of a compact size, manufactured from durable galvanised steel, and possesses a filter area that measures 10m2 that ensures a decreased workload upon the filter cartridge, contributing to a longer life of use as well as a lower pressure drop.

To make cleaning, inspection, and filter change simpler processes, Geovent have designed the CFU to include a easily removable front so when the user needs to access the filter they can do so with little hassle. A fan can also be fitted to the top of the Dust box CFU-1000, increasing its versatility and making it an overall more accessible piece of equipment.

Different versions are also available, each providing additional benefits such as automatic control or a type of compressed cleaning.


Geovent…Dust Filters  

Geovent offer a selection of filters, tailored to suit different needs, to ensure that waste material produced in the workplace, such as dust particles, smoke, and oil mists, are effectively and efficiently filtered. extracted and disposed of in a safe manner.

To efficiently and effectively filtrate dust particles produced as a result of processes like that of grinding, Geovent have on offer a wide array of dust filters that are specifically tailored to suit individual needs.

Geovent’s series of compressed air cleaning cartridge filters, meeting workplace standards to a high level to guarantee a healthy working environment, are incredibly versatile; able to handle a majority of dust particles, including ATEX. Heat recovery is also possible as the process of air extraction takes place, which allows for a smaller use of energy and therefore lessening consumption on CO2.