EcoCooling ECT10800

The ECT10800 belongs to EvoCooling’s range of internal evaporative coolers specifically suited for use in IT cooling and Data center installations. A smaller model is available for IT loads of 15kW and less.


The ECT10800 Internal Evaporative cooler offers three modes of operation, these being:

Attemperation Mode - Whereby via a damper a supply of cold air is mixed with warmer recirculated air to permit a higher level on temperature control, especially important for IT workplaces.

Ventilation Mode -  Additional ambient air is supplied by the the cooler fan into the atmosphere, whilst the water circulation system is dormant.

Cooling Mode - The water circulation system is active and dampens the cooling pads, enabling the water to effectively evaporate off the pads and subsequently lowing the air temperature.

To operate the EcoCOoling control system a touchscreen in included, allowing a user to set to thrue specifications. The user can also control the speed of the supply fan and, thanks to the unit's efficient EC fan, provides a more energy efficient solution contrasted to alternative AC options.

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