ESTA Dustmac P series

Esta’s Dustmac P series are highly suited for dry, pourable types of dust, including but not limited to chemical dust fibre glass & carbon fibre dusts and shavings, metal dust, mineral dust and stone dust. An ATEX version is available to order.

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The Esta Dustmac P series of modular dust extractors (with cartridge filters) can be used as a central extraction of multiple industrial dust generating machines, or for single-station extraction with high air volume requirements. They are ideal for continuous operation for extracting non-explosive dusts and an ATEX Zone 22 approved version is also available if required.

Special Features:

  • Pulse jet filter cleaning system
  • Integrated Pre-separator
  • Cleanable long life cartridge filters (Dust classification M)

Benefits of the Dustmac P series include low operating costs due to the cleanable cartridge filters. The modular design option means that we can provide a specific solution to meet your exact requirements. Special options include custom paint finishes, fan with various capacities and coating for outdoor installation, fan acoustic housings, and rotary discharge valves. Special filter materials are also available, anti-static, PTFE Coated, in addition to a pre-separator and an ATEX-approved version.

We are proud to supply ESTA equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. The high quality of these products is reflected in the 24 month warranty provided with each piece of equipment (subject to annual service agreement).

Please contact us on 01604 635333 if you would like to discuss your specific stationary dust extraction needs or require any further information on this product.

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