ESTA Dustomat HYDRO Series

The new ESTA Dustomat Hydro series of Wet Separators, suitable for operating as both single and multi-station extraction systems, are well suited for metallic dusts, flying sparks, and other contaminants produced during processes including grinding, brushing and polishing.

View Dustomat Hydro 2300 ATEX Datasheet

View Dustomat Hydro 2300 Datasheet 

View Dustomat Hydro 3500 ATEX Datasheet 

View Dustomat Hydro 3500 Datasheet 

View Dustomat Hydro 6000 ATEX Datasheet 

View Dustomat Hydro 6000 Datasheet 

View Dustomat Hydro 10000 ATEX Datasheet

View Dustomat Hydro 10000 Datasheet 

The Hydro Series utilizes an innovative water separation technique whereby extracted sparks and dusts are safely bound in water. The pre-cleaned air will be passed through a multi stage filtration system which can be tailored by the customer to meet specific requirements and depending on the contaminant. For example for hazardous types of dusts a HEPA H14 filter will be required separating dusts with an efficiency of > 99.995 % . Other options are also available to choose from including customized paint finish and a choice between two power levels.

The Dustomat Hydro series can also be used in either exhaust air mode or recirculating air mode depending on the user's requirements. Other benefits of the Hydro series include suitability for both indoor and outdoor installation. Maintenance is very simple and when in operation the units omit low noise levels.

The Dustomat Hydro 6000 and 10000 models are also available in ATEX compliant versions.

We are proud to supply ESTA equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. The high quality of these products is reflected in the 24 month warranty provided with each piece of equipment (subject to annual service agreement).

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