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Dust extractors specifically designed for extraction of sticky dust and dust that contains long fibres, such as textile fibres, cotton dust, foil tinsel, and flock dusts.

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ESTA’s DUSTOMAT S mobile dust extractors are specially made for extracting sticky and long-stranded dusts in the textile and flock industries. Depending on the need and application, they can be used for extraction at several locations simultaneously. These special dust extractors are even used effectively in the packing industry: A pipe system connects the DUSTOMAT S directly to the packing machine. This ensures clean extraction of dusts that arise during filling processes. The built-in manometer can be used to check the differential pressure at all times. The 100 or 200 litre dust collection container with 4 castors can easily be removed and transported to the disposal location.

Applications for the Dustomat S Series:

  • Specialized dust extractor for sticky dust and dust containing long fibers
  • Used particularly in the Textile and Flocking industries

Key Advantages:

  • Easily replaceable paper filter bag to collect the dust
  • A compact design with a high extraction performance

Special Features:

  • Fabric filter element with primary filter bag
  • Optional Design Test Certificate

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Dustomat 100-S, 230v, Dustomat 100-S, 400v, Dustomat 120-S, Dustomat 140-S, Dustomat 160-S


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