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ESTA’s TK series of Mini Dust Collectors are highly suited for metal dust, metal shavings and plastic shavings.  Their compact design allows for easy storage and maneuverability, and require little maintenance. They are particularly well suited for direct extraction of processes like grinding, milling, and deburring, and in workplaces such as mechanical workshops, really any environment where metal is being worked upon.


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Special additions are available to purchase in addition to a TK unit including but not limited to:

  • Three phase motor or alternating current
  • Custom Paint finish
  • Sound dampening muffler
  • Mobile unit with castor wheels
  • Inclusive turbine blower for applications that require high vacuum power (TK 2.2)
  • Filter materials


The TK unit’s inclusive dust bag (dust class M) is highly durable and can be cleaned manually, resulting in low operating costs. ESTA’s series of mini dust collectors also feature an inbuilt heavy duty dust collection drawer that can be easily emptied whenever necessary.