ESTA RG Extraction Fans

The ESTA RG Series of extraction fans are designed for the extraction of dusts, fumes and gases. They are intended for use alongside a pre-existing filter system and can be used to function as a feed blower in order to achieve a higher standard of ventilation in the area they are situated within.

The ESTA RG series of medium pressure fans possess a highly compact design, taking up minimal space. They are of heavy duty construction and can be used alongside an ESTA Extraction arm. They are suitablee for individual and multiple workstations and are highly ideal for industries that house soldering and welding applications.

RG Fan Extraction Arm

RG Fan Extraction Arm

Special features are available on request including, but not limited to:

  • An adjustable air outlet.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Choice of a custom colour.
  • AC for RG100 & RG200 models.
  • Left Motor Assembly.
  • Variable Blower connection.
  • For inflammable substances an option free of ignition source(s).


We are proud to supply ESTA equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. 24-month warranty *provided an annual service contract is in place otherwise a standard 12-month warranty applies.

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