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A series of mobile high vacuum welding fume filters, ESTA’s SRF series make for versatile, cost effective, high performing filters.

Equipped with a side channel blower, the SRF SK units can be used to vacuum one than more place at any given time whilst maintaining a high power of suction. The cartridge filters (dust class M) are cleanable, and maintain a long life in terms of durability and lifespan.

Highly flexible, all versions of the SRF SK can be used both continuously and intermittently depending on the job at hand. Whilst in operation, the SRF SK series produce little noise, and can be connected to piping fairly easily.  The series possess little alloy content within its steel structure.

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Special versions of the SRF models are also available to order, including;

  • Special voltage
  • Exhaust air connection
  • Custom paint finish