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Compact welding fume filters for a wide range of applications. The compact, portable SRF-T models are designed to be connected to welding torches and extract the welding fumes directly at the point where they are produced. Soldering fumes can also be optionally extracted with these devices. The cleanable permanent filter cartridges mean that there are no follow-up costs. The dust collection drawer allows easy disposal of collected material. The SRF T-2 is designed for one, the SRF T-4 for two extraction points. Perfect for welding fume extraction on building sites, for , at small-part welding stations and car workshops.

Please contact us on 01604 635333 if you would like to order a special version of an SFT T-2/T-4.






Esta’s portable welding fume filters; the SRF T-2 and the SRF T-4, possess the optimum design to successfully and efficiently extract directly from the welding point both inside and outside locations.

Due to the compact design of both units, both the SRF T-2 and T-4 are easy to maneouvure and take up little space within the work area. The inclusion of a powerful suction turbine, cleanable long life cartridge filters (dust class M), and an integrated compressed air cleaning nozzle, all contribute towards the SRF’s efficiency and performance as a portable welding fume filter.

Options and accessories include:
  • Custom paint finish
  • Activated carbon filter
  • IFA Test Certificates W3 (SRF T-2) for high alloy metals
  • Special voltage
  • Exhaust air connection


We are proud to supply ESTA equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. 24-month warranty *provided an annual service contract is in place otherwise a standard 12-month warranty applies.

Please contact us on 01604 635333 if you would like to discuss your specific needs or require any further information on this product.


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