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Evotec offer a range of accessories, including different disposal options that are tailored to suit an individuals personal requirements. Possibilities include:

  • Plastic disposal bag, anti-static ESD EX
    (Packing unit = 10 pcs)   – Highly stable and ‘nail tested’, this particular disposal option ensures a dust-free means of disposal of class M and class H dusts. No bypass is necessary. Suitable for :
  1. 25/35 litre container
  2. 60 litre container
  3. 100 litre container


  • Longopac – bag EX  –   Essentially an ‘endless’ bag, the Longopac system offers a highly efficient means of disposal to its user. The bag itself is equipped with cable straps to ensure a secure seal. Two versions are available:
  1. Stable ESD quality, thickness = 68 mic
  2. Extra sturdy quality (not ESD), thickness = 68 mic


  • Spark trap   –   For work where sparks may be produced, Evotec’s spark trap prevents sparks from being suctioned into the vacuum cleaner itself. Through means of redirection, the sparks safely expire. The spark trap can be easily cleaned thanks to a detachable face plate. Two versions of Spark Trap are available:
  1. connections Ø 80 mm
  2. connections Ø 150 mm


Spark Trap with metal kit – Like the aforementioned, Evotec’s Spark Trap prevents any sparks from being suctioned into the system being used. Different sizes include: 

  1. Ø 80 mm
  2. Ø 100 mm
  3. Ø 150 mm


  • Bypass for standard disposal bags – Thanks to vacuum compensation, a bypass means that standard disposal bags can be used in regards to disposal. Includes a connection hose that attaches the dirt container to the filter compartment, and is also equipped with a kamlock connection that ensures the process of decoupling and re-coupling is simple and easy to achieve.

Additional information

Plastic disposal bag, antistatic ESD

25/35-l-container, 60-l-container, 100-l-container

Longopac - bag

ESD-Quality, Extra sturdy quality
(not ESD)

Spark trap

connections Ø 80 mm, connections Ø 150 mm

Spark trap with metal kit insert

Ø 80 mm, Ø 100 mm, Ø 150 mm

Bypass for standard disposal bags