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Evotec offer a range of pre-separators that meet different needs depending on user specifications and workplace requirements.

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Evotec offer a range of pre-separators that meet different needs depending on user specifications and workplace requirements:

  • Filter- pre-separator V2A  – Includes a 60 litre dirt container that can be easily lowered due to the inclusion of levers, so any collected waste can be comfortably lowered and disposed off. Equipped with a smooth running chassis and accessory box, and is available as either a standard model (Dust class M, including pocket filter 2,2 m² surface), or can be upgraded to include a second ‘absolute’ cartridge filter (Dust class H, 2,0 m² surface.) .


  • Wet pre-separator V2A – Includes a 140 litre dirt container V2A with a robust tilting chassis. Arrives equipped with a dump hose to allow for a simply and comfortable disposal of collected liquids and includes a floating system. Extra information:
  • Connection sleeve Ø 60 and suction bend Ø 50 mm

Please note,  the suction hose needs two suction side fittings in order to be used.


  • Pre-separator 100 liters – A completely stainless steel body and equipped with four castor wheels, Evotec’s 100 litre pre-separator makes for a highly durable and mobile unit. Available with five different sizes of connection bend: (please note; the suction hose will require two suction side fittings).
  1. Ø 60 + Ø 50 mm
  2. Ø 60 + Ø 40 mm
  3. Ø 50 + Ø 50 mm
  4. Ø 40 + Ø 40 mm
  5. Ø 40 + Ø 50 mm


The 100 litre pre-separator can be ordered with a;

  • Floating system
  • Draining hose
  • Connection hose (available in either PUR/Super-flex)


Tandem connection set –  For 100 /150 litre pre-separators 

This set can be utilized to effectively combine the pre-separator to the industrial vacuum cleaner to form a mobile unit. Includes a connection hose that connects the pre-separator to the vacuum unit (angles hose coupling ).  Suitable to models EP 1136, EP 2122 ECO and EP 2130 ECO. 

Container with hinged floor 1000 liters – (With Ø 80-connections).

Specialists in the pre-separation of solids such as turf and sand. The inclusion of pull springs ensures that the discharging process involves less as hassle as possible.

The bottom flap will automatically close when the container is being deposed, and the tines are equipped with chain protection to prevent any sliding.

Tilting container pre-separator 500 liters – (With Ø 80-connections).  For the pre-separation of solids and liquids. Tilting in every height per cable control without leaving the lifter. Stable basic frame with fork pockets, favorable load center. Protected against unintentional sliding and spilling.

Additional information

Filter - Pre-separator V2A

Dust class M, Dust class H

Wet - Pre-separator V2A


Pre-separator - 100 litres

Ø 60 + Ø 50 mm, Ø 60 + Ø 40 mm, Ø 50 + Ø 50 mm, Ø 40 + Ø 40 mm, Ø 40 + Ø 50 mm

Tandem connection set


Container w/ hinged floor - 1000 litres

Ø 80-connections

Tilting container pre-separator - 500 litres

Ø 80-connections