EVOTEC EP 1036 / EP 1024 Pump (230 volt) – Wet/dry/pump vacuum cleaners

The EP 1036 is specially designed to work with both wet and dry material, whereas the EP 1024 deals solely with liquids, offering continued suction and simultaneous transfer. Both models are of compact, modular construction, making them particularly suitable for smaller working environments.

The EP 1036 vacuum possesses a patented electric fill level sensor ensuring that the engine will cease to operate once liquid has reached its peak level. When extracting dry material, a cyclone separator ensures that fine dusts and coarse matter are suitably pre-separated from one another. The unit is also equipped with three filter cartridges that can effectively remove dust automatically.

All absorbed matter is then easily disposed of via a stainless steel tilting chassis and the addition of a locking mechanism and rotating device ensure that any hose attached is securely connected.

The EP 1024 Pump is able to absorb liquids whilst also simultaneously pumping with an output of 280 l per minute. Including a PRCDS safety switch and a smooth running chassis, the EP 1024 unit makes for a highly mobile and compact unit.

This product is supplied with:

A high quality stainless steel dirt container, a connection cable 8 m in length, and a 3.5 m suction hose 50 mm in diameter with a crevice nozzle.

We are proud to supply EVOTEC equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. A standard 12-month warranty applies.

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