EVOTEC EP 2122 ECO and EP 2130 ECO – Dry Dust Extractors

Evotec’s series of robust, versatile industrial vacuum cleaners possess the optimal design for the extraction and pre-separation of all dry dust types including coarse dirt and finer types of dust.

Available in versions: 

  • Dust class M
  • Dust class M/Type 22 (Ex)
  • Dust class H
  • Dust class H/Type 22 (Ex)


Both the EP 2122 Eco and EP 2130 Eco are available in standard models, suitable for vacuuming class M dusts. A durable needle felt filter with PUR-membrane forms the first level filter, effectively separating class M dusts. If class H dusts are present, an optional second level cartridge filter efficiently filtrates class H (H14) dusts. An Ex rated type 22 version is also available if requested for both dust class M and H versions of both units.

The inclusion of a cyclone separator enhances both unit’s ability to effectively pre-separate finer types of dust from coarse matter.

In regards to cleaning and overall maintenance of both vacuum cleaners, the design ensures a simple process whereby any filters can be easily cleaned to ensure a longer period of operation with less chance of interruption. A vacuum gauge helps to monitor when any additional modifications are needed and for general monitoring.

The inclusion of a phase direction monitor and vacuum limit gauge also greatly contribute to achieving the best outcome in the extraction of dusts from the work environment. The process of changing the filter when necessary is made evermore simple due to the fact the process requires no tools, is patented, carrying very little risk of contamination. All versions of the EP 2122 ECO and EP 2130 ECO are suitable for three-shift operation, all possessing an inbuilt, silenced, and maintenance free side channel blower as the primary vacuum generator.

A 3.5 m suction hose 20 mm in diameter, crevice nozzle, and a connection cable 8 m in length are included in delivery.

We are proud to supply EVOTEC equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. A standard 12-month warranty applies.

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