EVOTEC EP 312 – 60 (dry) – Compressed Air Dry Vacuum Systems

EVOTEC’s well designed series of compressed dry air vacuum cleaners, the EP 312-60 (dry), are well equipped to effectively and efficiently extract variants of coarse dirt and finer dust types. Four units are available, depending on what dusts are likely to be produced in the workplace, and if an ex-rated design is required.

Evotec’s compressed air dry vacuum cleaners are manufactured to an incredibly high standard, with the inclusion of two powerful compressed air ejectors with an additional silencer. As the unit does not include any electrical components, the user may utilize the unit for three-shift operation if required. All variants include a cyclone separator, efficiently and effectively pre-separating finer dust types from coarser matter.

All compressed matter passes through a highly durable polyester needle-felt with PUR membrane (dust class M), and a second level filter version is also available that can effectively filtrate class H (H14) dusts. Both filters are simple and easy to clean ensuring a longer period of operation with little interruption.

If intended for use in an Ex-rated zone, please specify when placing an order. EVOTEC offer four versions of air dry vacuum cleaner, depending on whether the user is dealing with dusts of class M or H, and whether or not he or she intends to use the cleaners within Ex-Rated Zones. The units designed to work inside Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 include ESD castors and a grounding terminal for potential bonding that ensures a high level of service. Possible upgrades summarised:

  • Dust class M (standard)
  • Dust class H
  • Dust class M (Ex) Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22
  • Dust class H (Ex) Zones 21 and 22

Evotec’s compressed dry air cleaners are suitably equipped with a vacuum gauge that allows the user to monitor the filters if they require replacing. Replacing the filters is an easy and simple patented process, requiring no tools.

The addition of a locking mechanism and rotating device ensure that any hose attached is securely connected.

A 3.5 meter suction hose of 50 mm in diameter, and a crevice nozzle. Ex-rated versions include ESD castors and grounding terminal for potential bonding (2 m in length).

We are proud to supply EVOTEC equipment which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. A standard 12-month warranty applies.

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