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The standard duty AirBench EX range comprises 5 downdraft benches in which filters are accessed via removable front panel for operator convenience. These models are suitable for most applications but designed to cope with more lighter applications or where a less industrial appearance is required.

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The Air Bench FX is an integrated workbench with dust extraction system that is designed to extract ATEX rated dusts within a zone 22 work space.

Two standard sizes are available; equipped with a two stage filtration process, an integral filter, and APEX rates centrifugal fans that start from standard 3ph which provide a large volume of airflow whilst consuming a low amount of power.


In regards to control possibilities, the FX Air Bench possesses a few option to choose from including:

  • ATEX rated DOL starter ( to be mounted within ATEX area)
  • Non-rated started ( can be mounted remotely)

Other alternative options are also available to select, please contact us directly if you would like to discuss other options and possibilities.

The design of the FX Range also includes an inbuilt ventilated area that covers almost 100% of the top area, allowing a user to work anywhere on the bench and not lose any extraction efficiency.

In order to ensure individual needs and workplace requirements are successfully achieved, please contact us directly before purchasing. Please call 01604 635333 or email