Filtermist FX Series of Oil Mist Filters

The Filtermist FX series of oil mist filters are designed to effectively eliminate oil mists, fumes, steams and coolant mists produced in the workplace during processes including, but not limited to; grinding, milling, sawing, and turning. For workplaces that work with corrosive materials, Filtermist offer a stainless steel version as well as the standard mild steel design.

Simple and easy to install and maintain, the FX series greatly contribute to a safer and cleaner work environment. Oil mist in particular when produced can leave a film of oil on a surface which can pose a flammable hazard. The FX series decrease the possibility of this hazard occurring.

The way in which the FX series works is whereby a perforated drum, of which has four specially designed vates, rotates at high speed drawing oil mist into the drum. The mist collected is subsequently impacted onto the vanes which causes the mist to coalesce. A special drum paid aid in this coalescing process as these drum pads filter stray solid particles out and reduce the noise level. Centrifugal forces pushes oil to the outer case of the unit where it then drains back t the machine for collection or re-use. Through the top of the unit clean air is also returned to the workplace.

An additional clip on after filter is available for the removal of smoke and fume including odours.

Different mounting options are available to choose from, including machine mounts and floor stands amongst other accessories.

Filtermist Replaceable Reusable Filters

Filtermist Replaceable Reusable Filters

Filtermist Compact Cyclone

Filtermist Compact Cyclone

Filtermist High Efficiency Afterfilters

Filtermist High Efficiency After-filters






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