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AirBench Ltd FPK range comprises of 3 downdraught benches with kneespace, designed for comfortable full time seated working. These types of bench are designed for higher surface loadings but also ideal for applications requiring customisation or additional fittings, for example customer-specific mounting attachments.

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The Air bench FPK is a heavy duty downdraft bench designed for both dust and fume applications and possesses a design well suited for work that requires a user to be seated for long periods of time. Available in five standard sizes, the design of the FPK allows for easy access to the filters for removal and maintenance thanks to a perforated top.  Due to the inclusion of a pressure loss gauge, the operator can efficiently and effectively monitor the conditions of the filter(s).

In regards to user control a few options are available to choose from; ranging fro a simple on/off switch on a single unit, to either centrally controlled or timed run, and finally the option of daisy chained systems for multiple installations.

The top surface of the FPK workbenches include a ventilate area of almost 100%, ensuring an individual can ultimately work easily and efficiently anywhere on the bench with no change in extraction quality.

To successfully suit a wide array of different tasks, Air Bench provide different types of filter for different dust types and volumes of fume, including:

In order to ensure individual needs and workplace requirements are successfully achieved, please contact us directly before purchasing. Please call 01604 635333 or email