Geovent GeoFilter GF4

The Geovent ‘GeoFilter GF4’ is specifically designed for the filtration of smaller concentrations of dusts and fumes that are produced in workplaces that carry out processes such as welding and grinding. The filter is completely galvanised and has an airflow of up to 4000 m³/h and overall can perform a filtration efficiency of up to 99%.  The filter is cleaned manually using compressed air.


The GeoFIlter GF4 can be used with a selection of different filters which offer different levels of filtration efficiency. For example a filter comprising of EU3 will possess an efficiency of 86% whereas an EU9 Filter will allow for 99% filter efficiency.

We are proud to supply Geovent equipment which is designed and manufactured in Denmark. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use.   Geovent offer a warranty of one year.   

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