Geovent GFO 315 and GFO 315 EXT

The Geovent GFO- 315 and its sibling; the GFO-315- EXT, are specifically designed for the filtration of oil mists produced by  CNC loathes and machinery that carry out applications such as drilling and cutting.

The GFO filter possesses a polyester filter membrane which tolerates mists and smoke that are both oil and water based, making it a highly versatile unit. The GFO-315-EXT is additionally equipped with an extended filter compared to the GFO-315, meaning the filter can manage a higher load with an increased airflow rate.

A highly efficient filter; the GFO 315 can separate mists up to a rate of 99%, and carries a capacity of up to 8000 m3/h, and the GFO-315-EXT a maximum airflow of 1.000 m3/h. Both versions are also simple and easy to install and service when necessary. Any oil collected can also be recycled thanks to the inclusion of a drain tap located towards the bottom of the filter unit.

We are proud to supply Geovent equipment which is designed and manufactured in Denmark. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. Geovent offer a warranty of one year.   

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