Geovent LEF/MEF Extraction Fans

Geovent’s LEF and MEF extraction fans have a high filtration efficiency of 87% and are highly suited for industries that require constant pressure regulation.


Comprised completely of galvanised steel, the LEF/MEF Hans are highly resistant to possible damage and corrosion making them ideal for outside workspaces. The series, available in 230v and 400v, feature backward curving, self cleaning impellers and have an airflow up to 24.000 m³/h.

Geovent offer a range of accessories including different options of mounting, motor protection, rain shield and soundproof cover. The MEF and LEF Fans can also be ordered to include an inbuilt frequency converter, two speed motor, or high efficiency motors. For more possibilities please contact us on 01604 635333.

We are proud to supply Geovent equipment which is designed and manufactured in Denmark. The products are well engineered and of extremely robust construction in addition to being ergonomic and easy to use. Geovent offer a warranty of one year.   

Please contact us on 01604 635333 if you would like to discuss your specific needs or require any further information on this product.

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