LOSMA Galileo Plus

Galileo Plus is a filter unit patented for mists generated by whole oil and emulsions in machine tools, reliable even with particulate matter. Galileo Plus is available in 5 models with flow rates from 325 to 3,500 m3/h.

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The polluted air in machine tools is sucked into the lower pre-chamber of the Galileo Plus.

The acceleration effect due to the centrifugal force, generated by a turbine, allows the atomised oil particles to unite and return to a liquid state, making use of the principle of coalescence.

A special high-efficiency Multilayer filter blocks and captures the smallest pollutant particles, preventing their dispersion into the environment. Oil in its liquid state is then returned to the machine for reuse through a special drainage outlet.



HIGH DEGREE OF FILTRATION AND LONG-LIFE FILTERS: The combination of the centrifugal action of the turbine and the high-effiency multilayer filter set guarantees a high degree of filtration. The filters are positioned after the centrifugal action of the turbine, so they are exposed to a limited amount of smaller pollutants. Thanks to this positioning, Galileo Plus filters have a longer service life than those of the main centrifugal or static vacuum cleaners on the market.

MATERIALS TESTED BY LOSMA LABORATORIES: The internal materials have passed stress compatibility tests in contact with numerous types of oil and emulsions on the market.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE: Galileo Plus combines Italian design and modern technology for a cleaner, more pleasant work environment. The internal filters can be changed very easily. Simply lift the cover door to access the filters inside the machine.


Optional Additions

G-Guard pre-filter

Metallic pre-filter to maximise filtration efficiency and filter duration in the presence of high oil mist production, even at high pressures, mixed with powders and metal shavings. The G-Guard inspection door is completely washable for easier maintenance.

LOSMA Galileo Plus G Guard

LOSMA Galileo Plus G Guard

G-Clipper post-filter

Cartridge post-filter for micro-mists, vapours and fumes. Can obtain a very high level of filtration up to 99.95%

LOSMA Galileo Plus G Clipper

LOSMA Galileo Plus G Clipper


The X-View filter clogging sensor is able to detect the progressive clogging state of the Galileo Plus filters, signalling three main operating phases:

  • Green: filters are clean;
  • Yellow: pre-clogging;
  • Red: clogging.

Also, thanks to an exclusive software, it is possible to detect possible anomalies.

X-VIEW Green

X-View Green

LOSMA Galileo Plus X VIEW Yellow

 X-View Yellow

LOSMA Galileo Plus X VIEW Red

X-View Red


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