Nederman Benchtop Extraction Kits

The Nederman Benchtop Extraction Kits are designed for the extraction of fumes and capture of odours that may be produced during processes such as gluing and in industries including electronics and laboratories.

The Nederman Bench top Extraction Kit includes:

  • An arm, or arms, with a hood or nozzle.
  • Fan that has speed control.
  • Standard filter (HEPA, gas, particle available to choose).
  • A Hose.
  • Connection Details.
  • Table Bracket.

A speed control variably controls the speed on the fan. The hood is comprised of clear plastic with contributes to a higher level of visibility.

Different sizes are available to chose from depending on the airflow required. For more information on this product please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 635333.

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