Nederman Original Extraction Arms

Nederman offer an ideal solution for workplaces that require a flexible means of extraction of welding smoke, dust and fume. A corrosion resistant model is available  for industries including, but limited to, pharmaceutical and chemical.

The Nederman original welding extraction arm is well recommended for workplaces where welding smoke, dust and fumes are being generated. The patented design of the Nederman original extraction arm ensures that fume and dust are effectively nd efficiently captures whilst the design of the unit also ensures a high level of maneuverability.

The Nederman original arm can rotate a full 360 degrees thanks to its user-friendly design; this is achieved by the inclusion of a swivel which the extractor is suspended from. Different brackets and extension arms are available, both fixed or portable. The hood of the arm arrives equipped with a damper.

The Nederman Arm is available in lengths starting from 2-5 m (6,6-16 ft) and is able to be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, via an extension bracket or a work bench.

Nederman also offer the Nederman Extraction Arm Original CR  designed for the extraction of fumes, vapours and non explosive dust. It is well suited for industries including chemical, food, and pharmaceutical. The arm itself and the aluminum details are anodized which prevents corrosion occurring.

Like the standard model, the Nederman Extraction Arm CR (corrosion resistant) can swivel a full 360 degrees, offering a high level of flexibility. The hood can be tilted to the user's specification and, like the standard arm, features a damper located in the hood and is able to mounted on the ceiling, wall, rail system, or upon a fixed or mobile location.

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