Nederman FilterCart Mobile Extraction Units

Highly user-friendly, lightweight, and equipped with an arm available in different lengths, the Nederman FilterCart is designed for light welding, odour and extraction applications. Available in different sizes, voltage, and filters ( HEPA 13 filter optional, Filter efficiency F9, and more), the Nederman FilterCart is well designed to meet many needs and requirements present in the workplace especially those that involve welding applications.

Nederman also offer the FilterCart Carbon and FilterCart Advanced+ to suit specific needs in the workplace and/or to the individual.

Different models and various accessories are available to purchase depending on the user's specific needs. The Original model's extraction arm includes an integrated LED spotlight, which enhances the user-friendly aspect of which the FilterCart offers.

Nederman also offer the 'FilterCart Carbon', suitable for the extraction of odorous fumes, solvents, and other gas contaminants. It is easy to maneuver and is available with an optional HEPA 13 filter. It arrives equipped with a standard Nederman Extraction Arm.

The FilterCart Advanced+ is highly suitable for the extraction in workplaces that utilize light duty welding applications . The unit itself is light-weight, ensuring easy maneuverability. When the filter is full a warning signal will activate and is equipped with  an original Nederman Extraction Arm with an extended range of working, A longer filter life is also likely thanks to the disposable nanofiber filter which also makes the Advanced+ more efficient than previous models.

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