Nederman NEX HD Extraction Arms

The Nederman NEX HD range of welding fume and dust extraction arms are designed for the handling of high airflows and dusts & fumes that possess a higher temperature than standard. The series are recommended for workplaces that work with non-explosive dusts, vapours and heavy smoke such  as metal industries an carry out processes including welding, metal spraying, grinding, and laser/hard plasma cutting.

Suspended from a swivel, the Nederman NEX HD Extraction arm can rotate a full 360 degrees and offers easy flexibility to the end user. The support mechanism are encapsulated which protects the arm from dirt.

An optional feature includes a patented hood design which, as well as processing a high capturing capacity, is comprised of aluminum making it highly resistant to extracted air that has a high temperature (+120°C).  The NEX HD  extraction arm is available in four lengths from 2m to 5m. Different brackets, exhaust rails, and extension arms are also available to order.

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